Based Voronoi Cells 001.


"Based Voronoi Cells" is the study and use of voronoi or "worley" noise specifically built in TouchDesigner. I went on a deep dive utilizing some texture based height-map images/videos and normals data for 3D object displacement and decided to combine the use of TD's real time procedural generative capabilities and Blender's lighting/rendering power to create what turned out to be an amazing visual example of voronoi noise. "A resemblance to that of simulated textures of stone, water, or biological cells."

I usually only view voronoi noise in the 2D space so being able to visualize its curvature and structure in this pseudo 3D space gives me a new appreciation for combining organic patterns with mathematical functions.  

Based Voronoi Cells
Based Voronoi Cells Still Frame
Voronoi Noise 2D View
Node Network

I specifically wanted to create a sort of "bordered" effect around the height-map to emphasize it being the focus of the piece, something that to my knowledge isn't possible to add in Blender's Displacement settings by default. Although your options for the noise type aren't so limited, the flexibility of being able to have more in depth parameter access to the individual noise is what I was after. That's where TD came in quite handy.

Also, there is emphasis on the use of generative noise as means to drive this media as I feel it's deemed especially appropriate given this specific organic nature.

Generative focused.

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